Charter Membership

GameyGram is a women-owned and operated technology company that’s on its way to releasing its groundbreaking new software — we can’t wait to share what it is all about, but we must keep it under wraps for now.

In an effort to turbo-charge our development, we need you! We’re asking for help from our friends, families, neighbors, colleagues, and anyone who may be interested in backing our exciting software that we know everyone of every age will love. For $5 a month, you can help us skyrocket our business and create the exact product that we’re envisioning. But, we’re not just asking you to donate, we will be offering you exclusive GameyGram benefits for helping support our creative visions.

Signing up for our Charter Membership helps us reach our goals and kickstarts our new technology software in ways we couldn’t do on our own. Help us network and grow by becoming a Charter Member today. Lock-in your $5 a month membership fee by signing up as a Charter Member so that your fees don’t go up once we launch — you’ll pay this price for life, so don’t miss this opportunity.

Charter Membership Benefits

When you become a Charter Member by pledging just $5 a month to help us kickstart our software product, we offer you some pretty cool benefits. Not only will you be offered free GameyGrams and GameyGram swag, but you’ll actually be able to collaborate and brainstorm with the owners, beta test our software, and more! Check out the list of all of the amazing benefits that come with our Charter Membership:

  • Distinction as a GameyGram VIP
  • Discount Subscription Price – locked-in for the life of your subscription
  • 10 Free GameyGrams (valued at $100 appx.)
  • Discounted GameyGrams (25% discount for life!)
  • Monthly Giveaway (valued at $250-$1,000) to One Lucky Charter Member!
  • Free Branded GameyGram Merchandise (delivered to your door!)
  • Invitations to Launch Party and other Special Events
  • Coupons and / or Promo Codes for Discounted Merchandise from Sponsors
  • Invitation to join "Mastermind" Group
  • Invitation to become a GG Beta Tester
  • Invitation to join GG Focus Group
  • Invitation to Become a GameyGram Influencer (You can earn a 10% RevShare and Cash Bonuses!)
  • Early Access to Newly Released Products – prior to launch
How You Help GameyGram

By joining our Charter Membership program, you’re helping our small technology company in so many ways. Your support means so much to us — more than you will ever know! Here are some of the ways in which your $5 per month contribution helps kickstart our software development:

  • You are helping a brand new, majority woman-owned technology company get off the ground!
  • Our Charter Members will become the very first GameyGram customers to use our initial products when we launch.
  • You are helping us build a proven user-base prior to launch, creating solid creditability for our program!
  • You will be a critical player in GameyGram’s private Kickstarter Crowd-Funding initiative, providing early-stage operating funds to the company. When combined with our investor capital, you will be helping us build our product AND get to market faster!
  • Your feedback to GameyGram’s owners will be invaluable, related to your user experience, beta testing our products, participating in focus groups, etc. (IF you wish to participate!). So you will help us make better products and improve our Customer Experience!
  • You will be helping a new business get started which will contribute to the economic revitalization of our country!
Help Us Launch

As we mentioned before, we believe that our new software product will be truly groundbreaking, but we cannot giveaway exactly what it will be quite yet. As an exclusive member through the Charter Membership program, you’ll be able to get inside glimpses at what GameyGrams are before we go public. But, the only way we’ll be able to go public is if we get enough support to successfully launch. Help us launch, we really cannot do it without the loving support of our friends, families, and community members like you who are interested in backing a new software creation.

Our Goals

In order to get GameyGrams to our liking and launch in the timeframe we’d like, we’ve created some goals for ourselves. We’re aiming for 5,000 Charter Members prior to launching, so if you sign up today, you’re helping us get one step closer to our dreams! And don’t forget — your $5 per month membership turns into your GameyGram subscription and you will never pay more than $5 for your GameyGram subscription, so lock in your low membership price today!

The future offers amazing possibilities and to get GameyGrams out to the world, we need the support of our Charter Members. Sign up to be a Charter Member today for exclusive, early access and beta testing for GameyGrams, our brand-new software product that will change the world. Become a Charter Member today!